Thursday, March 24, 2011

Webinar: Amplify JavaScript Library with Scott González

appendTo has recently launched a new JavaScript library called Amplify. The intent of the library is to help you solve common front-end problems and it is meant to "amplify" your current JavaScript library of choice (jQuery, dojo, mootools, etc).

Amplify is currently composed of three components
  1. Publish and Subscribe: Provides a clean pub/sub API, prevents collisions between custom events and method names, and allows a priority to your messages.
  2. Request: Sets out to make data retrieval more maintainable. It does this by separating the definition of a request from the actual implementation of requesting the data. The definition of the quest is only responsible for deciding the caching strategy, server location, data type, decoders, headers, etc. while the actual requestor code only needs to know a request ID.
  3. Store: Handles the persistant client-storage, using standards like localStorage and sessionStorage, but falling back on non-standard implementations for older browsers.

Scott González, the lead Amplify architect, will be presenting the library in an upcoming Webinar on Thursday March 31, 2011 12:00 PM Central. You might already know Scott from his role as jQuery UI Developer Lead.

If you are interesting in joining the webinar you can sign-up from appendTo's event page.

Sign-up for Webinar

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