Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Pluralsight Course: jQuery Tips & Tricks

I'm happy to announce that I have another new course on Pluralsight called jQuery Tips and Tricks that I co-authored with Dan Wahlin. It was an honor to work alongside Dan and to get to know him better in the process.

"jQuery provides a powerful set of features that can be used to build applications but do you know some of the key tips, tricks and best practices that can be used to reduce code, promote re-use and simplify maintenance? In the jQuery Tips and Tricks course Dan Wahlin and Elijah Manor will walk you through key tips and tricks learned over the years of building applications with jQuery. Topics covered include tips and tricks related to working with the DOM, handling and triggering events, making Ajax calls, working with and caching data locally, as well as taking advantage of built-in jQuery utility functions."

You might be wondering how the above course is different from another course I recently published called Fixing Common jQuery Bugs. The new course focuses on showing best practices when using jQuery and revealing some of the hidden and underlying concepts. Whereas, my previous course teaches from another viewpoint. The fixing bugs course tries to focus on issues that you might run into and then uncover what is going on and how to fix the problem. There is a little overlap, but the majority of the content is different between the two courses.

I hope you enjoy the courses and thanks for those that have watched or are going to watch!

Monday, July 01, 2013

New Pluralsight Course: Fixing Common jQuery Bugs

I'm pleased to announce that my 2nd Pluralsight course Fixing Common jQuery Bugs as been released!

In the course I examine common bugs that are often accidentally introduced when developing with jQuery. For each bug I expose the problem, explain what is going on, and then exterminate the issue with a solution. The goal is to help prevent you from making these mistakes and in the process gain a better understanding of how jQuery works.

The course is loosely based off a blog series and talk that I gave over a year ago that you might remember. I took some of those older topics, added a bunch of new content, and then bundled them into this new course. I also tried to insert some of my strange quirky sense of humor. It should be interesting to see how that goes over ;)

The bugs examined in this course range from core calamities, selector stew, traversing travesties, manipulation mix-up, erratic events, Ajax agony, embarrassing effects, unsettling utilities, and perplexing plugin related issues.

Since each bug is essentially a mini quiz, the names of each title ended up being slightly obscure. However, hopefully after I've exposed the actual issue the name will make a little more sense.