Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Pluralsight Course: jQuery-free JavaScript

My latest course, jQuery-free JavaScript, has recently been published on Pluralsight. Thus far I've had a mix of both JavaScript and jQuery courses on Pluralsight, but this time I thought I'd focus on when you may consider not using jQuery and what that might look like.

In this course I explain when it's appropriate to use jQuery and when it may not be. If you do need jQuery then I'll discuss making a custom build that includes only the parts you need. The rest of the course is focused on converting common jQuery snippets to either use native browser APIs or utilize a popular micro-library.

Don't get me wrong, I love jQuery. It has proven its value and it very much has its place. However, you may have seen some buzz around the web about the concept of not using it at all.

If you are looking to write a Single Page Application (SPA), then I wouldn't recommend going this route. In that case I'd go with AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember, or something along those lines. However, if your website or application is pretty basic and you are looking for fast interactions with a small footprint, then jQuery-free JavaScript may be something that you should consider.

In addition, it is just a good idea to know how to get around the native DOM without the necessity of a helper library such as jQuery, Dojo, MooTools, Prototype, etc...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Front-End Web Dev Jokes

You may have noticed recently that I've tweeted some Front-End Web Developer jokes here and there. The feedback I've received has ranged from "Ha ha" to "Groan" to "Unfollow". I think most of those responses are out of fun, but who knows :) Others have encouraged me to continue making more jokes and have wondered where they can see a list of all the puns.

So, without further ado here are the jokes I've authored thus far. Please, don't groan all at once...

q. How do you comfort a JavaScript bug? a. You console it
When a JavaScript date has gone bad, "Don't call me, I'll callback you. I promise!"
Dev1 saw a strange JavaScript function & asked, "What is this?". Dev2 responded, "I don't know. I would've called you, but I was in a bind"
Two JavaScript developers walked into the variable bar. Ouch!
q. Why was the JavaScript developer sad? a. Because he didn't Node how to Express himself
q. Why did Jason cover himself with bubble wrap? a. Because he wanted to make a cross-domain JSONP request
q. Why did the software company hire drama majors from Starbucks? a. Because they needed JavaScript experts!
q. Why did the CoffeeScript developer keep getting lost? a. Because he couldn't find his source without a map
q. What do you call __proto__? a. Dunder proto q. Michael Scott was the regional manager where? a. __mifflin__
q. How did the doctor revive the developer? a. The dev wasn't responsive so the doc picked him up by his bootstraps
q. Why did the developer go broke? a. Because he used up all his cache
q. Why did the C# developer fall asleep? a. Because he didn't like Java.
q. Why did the JavaScript boxer goto the chiropractor? a. Because his backbone was angular from a knockout and required attention
q. How did the web developer hurt Comic Sans feelings? a. Once he saw the font he quickly changed it to Open Sans and exclaimed "In your @font-face!"
q. Why do C# and Java developers keep breaking their keyboards a. Because they use a strongly typed language
q. Why was Ember.js turning red? a. Because it was EMBERrassed for not remEMBERing its route home
q. Why did the jQuery developer never have financial problems? a. Because he was in $.noConflict() mode

Yeah, I know those were very cheesy pun-like jokes, but that is how I roll ;) I hope you somewhat enjoyed the jokes... if not, that's no problem too. I hope you have a great week and enjoy yourself today.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Develop with Purpose

So, you might have seen the following tweet from me a few days ago...

Well, today is the day! I started a new full-time job with...

The Lampo Group! If that doesn't ring a bell, then think Dave Ramsey's company ;)

During the past year there has been a lot of transition for me. I worked with the great talent at appendTo, then decided to start my own business and made several training videos with Pluralsight.

I've known about Dave Ramsey for several years. We have been through his Financial Peace University course years ago and it is what prompted us to pay off our vehicles, credit card debts, and completely get out of debt excluding our house.

Someone I went to college with works for Dave and has been there 6 or 7 years, which is very rare in our field. Over time I've met more and more people that also work there and love it.

Historically the developers at Dave Ramsey have been generalists working both on the front-end and back-end, but recently I saw a tweet from @devwithpurpose saying that they were looking for a Front-End Web Developer specialist... and HEY, that describes me!

So, I applied and over a several month interview process they offered me the position. I am very excited for many reasons...

  • Getting back to a regular consistent work schedule
  • Getting to work on Front-End Web Development
  • Getting to work on something that has a bigger purpose and is based on Biblical principles
  • Getting to work somewhere where there is a history of longevity
  • Getting to work alongside some very talented developers and designers