Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

It looks I've been tagged on facebook by several people to do this, so here it goes...

  1. I'm a Twitterholic and you are welcome to follow me on Twitter.
  2. I've lived in at least 6 states, 8 cities, and 12 apartments/houses during my lifespan.
  3. I work as a consultant, but I've only consulted with one client for the past 3 years.
  4. I'm the tallest person in my immediate family measuring in at whopping 5 foot 6 inches.
  5. I'm probably in the minority of men at the age of 32 that actually own a pair of Heelys.
  6. Secretly, my favorite movie is the Sound of Music, but shhh don't tell...
  7. In November 2004 I placed 4th in a weight lifting competition benching 185.18% of my body weight (lifted 250 lbs).
  8. We owned a dog, Bandit, for about 3 months before our first child was born. He kept pooping where we knew our child would be crawling on the carpet. He now lives with a nice elderly lady.
  9. I was the biggest loser in our neighborhood losing 16.31% of my weight (27 lbs) in 3 months! Of course, I've gained all that back :)
  10. When I was younger I took a karate class, but when the wind was knocked out of me... pain equaled gain and I quit!
  11. Although I graduated with honors, I chose not to attend my high school graduation.
  12. I ran track in high school. The 4 x 100 team I was on made it to the Arizona state finals my Junior year.
  13. I received the following track complement, "That white boy can run", as my short legs scrambled to keep up those who weren't height challenged.
  14. When I was younger I was afraid of ants. I literally thought they would crawl all the way up my pants!
  15. A friend and I coveted the Omnibot 2000 from the Christmas edition of the Sears catalog. Santa got it for my friend, but it turned out to be quite lame.
  16. Some interesting anagrams for Elijah Manor are Jail Man Hero, Major Inhale, Alien JoHarm, and Lion Hare Jam.
  17. I used to wish that I was Elongated Man so I could move my mid-section to the bathroom so that I wouldn't miss any part of the Smurfs cartoon.
  18. I keep thinking that I am going to outgrow getting acne, but it keeps poking up its ugly head at every turn.
  19. I have been proactive in creating gmail accounts for my two children. Who knows if they will be available when they get older :)
  20. I practically swim in coffee and Diet Mt. Dew... my record is 9 cups of coffee in one day. I plan to break that record soon.
  21. I have daily headaches that often incapacitate me. Taking medicine helps, but we haven't found the cause of them yet.
  22. I am known for doing the Robot Manor Dance when you least expect it!
  23. When my hair gets too long it starts to look like an over sized Brillo pad. I used to be against product, but now its almost a necessity.
  24. Since my birthday is 4 days after Christmas, I tried to start celebrating my half birthday, but both my wife and mother forgot the first year I implemented it.
  25. I most cherish Jesus my savior who came to Earth as a man, lived as one of us, died for my sins, was raised from the dead, and now is preparing a place for me in heaven with him.

Did you have a favorite random fact about me or do you you have one of the above in common with me? If so, please share it with me in the comments below...


  1. Greetings Elijah (also my son's name!),

    I enjoy following you on twitter, you always post so many interesting articles.

    I just wanted to comment on something that jumped out at me about two of your comments: I think item 21 is Heavily related to item 20. I know how hard habits can be to change, but this is one you should look into if you want to ease those headaches.

    Keep up the tweets!
    - Forrest (dontera)

  2. dontera,

    Ahh... thanks for the comment! Yes, I did try to go off all caffeine products for several months and it didn't seem to help any.

    Later I even went to the extreme of getting off all MSG and Gluten products... which let me tell you that wasn't easy!

    So far, nothing really seems to help all that much... which really stinks!

    I'm sure the caffeine probably has some other ill effects, but unfortunately the headaches don't seem to be related.

    And I'm glad you enjoy the technical tweets. See you around in Twitterland :)

  3. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I bet Diet Mt Dew contains aspartame. I used to have daily migraines until I stopped drinking anything that contained it (which is primarily diet soda). I had been to the neurologist and taken prescription drugs to no avail. Stopped the drinks... 3 months later... no migraines. - Adrienne

  4. Austin Aslan11:10 PM

    Ummm....#20 and #21 might be related, dude...

    And you forgot to put that you used to live in the first territorial governor's mansion in AZ, and that we once discovered secret passageways in the walls.

    And don't forget the bb gun fights we used to have in your house!

    I miss those days!!!!

    -Austin Aslan

  5. Anonymous11:11 PM

    I was going to suggest a link between 20 & 21 as well. Guess not - good luck in finding the cause of the headaches, and thanks for posting this.

  6. Nice to get to know you better :)

    I took karate lessons too, but I quitted because I was the only girl.

  7. I have an idea about something for the headaches (and it doesn't involve the previously mentioned beverages). It is the only thing that I have found so far that is helping Jennings poor little gut (did you know that the brain and the gut contaim the same receptors or something to that effect). I'll tell your wife about it.
    I also was hooked on the smurfs in the early/mid 80's.

  8. Elijah holds the record for most pegs on the racquetball court in 1 game at a whopping 4!

  9. Your Robot Dance is veeeeery cool!

  10. Biggest loser, sound of music and twitterholic. I can relate to the middle one. Thanks for following on twitter!

    Fact no. 26. You have a follower who is Malay, speaks many Asian languages, have a kid daughter who is grade 2, loves music and she loves spicy food.

  11. Impressive benching!