Friday, August 14, 2009

How to Create Your Own jQuery Plugin

I just gave the following presentation at devLINK on “How to Create Your Own jQuery Plugin”.

SommetGroupjQueryPluginTshirtYou can download the code samples and slides and investigate them in more detail.

I am considering making a screencast or a blog series on the concepts described in my presentation. I find that just posting a bunch of code and slides don’t tell the whole story for those that didn’t actually attend the talk.

At the end of the talk I gave away custom made jQuery Plugin t-shirts for those that asked relevant questions. A huge thanks goes out to my company, Sommet Group, for making such awesome shirts!

Additional thanks go out to the follow resources that I used to help assist me with my presentation

I will create another blog post on some of the helpful bookmarklets & plugins that I find useful when developing in jQuery, but I did want to mention one website that is helpful when starting a jQuery Plugin from scratch.

It is called Starter: jumptstart Your jQuery Plugins and you just provide the new jQuery Plugin name, optional namespace, parameters, options, etc… and then you are on your way focusing on the guts of your Plugin.


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