Friday, August 21, 2009

Goodbye Google Adsense And Hello The Lounge


Out With The Old

On my previous blog I used to use the Google AdSense, but it quickly became a nuisance. Not only was my webpage cluttered with irrelevant Ads (usually off topic & sometimes offensive), but I could only get at most pennies a day in earnings.

I tried several approaches to get higher click-rates (by rearranging my ads, placing multiple ad blocks, changing colors, etc…), but in the end I think it annoyed my readers and it really didn’t provide the revenue that I had expected or desired.

In With The New

Due to my experience with Google AdSense, my search for another web-based marketing tool began.

What I wanted out of my new provider…

  1. Ads that are actually relevant to my blog audience
  2. A trusted reputable service
  3. Potential for some actual revenue

After my search, I am pleased to inform you that I have joined The Lounge for my advertising network along-side these top bloggers…

If you blog about Microsoft technologies, then why don’t you consider joining The Lounge too?

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