Thursday, May 21, 2009

jQuery Introduction Talk

Tonight I am giving a “jQuery Introduction” presentation to the Nashville .NET User’s Group.

Time: Pizza @ 6:00pm; Presentation @ 6:30pm;

Topic: jQuery Introduction

jQuery is a JavaScript framework that makes client-side coding more simple and powerful than compared to straight JavaScript. This session will give an overview of benefits of jQuery, show how to integrate jQuery in your project, and demonstrate how easy it is to do complex things with a small amount of jQuery code.


Highwoods Plaza I (Signage out front says Aspect - Cogent)
Suite 460 (4th floor)
5410 Maryland Way
Brentwood, TN 37027

(615) 324-8226

Update: You can now download the slides from my presentation. I used the S5 web based presentation tool which allowed me to actually run jQuery examples inside the presentation.

Note: The video is still being encoded and should be live sometime this weekend. I will update this post with the video once it is available.


  1. Look forward to the video as I live in the UK :)

  2. Very innovative approach to a presentation with the eye candy up front, then more "candy" to show how you did it, then some!

    I enjoyed the presentation. Thanks