Friday, October 10, 2008

Nashville .NET User's Group Presentation

Yesterday I gave my first User's Group (UG) presentation at the Nashville .NET UG entitled... "A Crash Course in ASP.NET MVC".

In the presentation I gave an overview of what MVC is, explained some pros & cons of using it, answered some common questions, presented a demo application that I developed (Pet Shop 5), and then I dived into the demo's code.

You can download the content that I presented at the User's Group below... *Note: There is some additional slides at the end of the slide show that you might find interesting.

You also might want to check out a blog post I created a month or so ago intended for ASP.NET Web Form developers to quickly get up to speed on the concepts of ASP.NET MVC. A lot of the material is about pre-Preview 5 releases of ASP.NET MVC, but I still think it would be beneficial for most developers. If you so choose, you can directly link to the document hosted on Google Documents.

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Thanks for everyone who came... there was an awesome crowd!

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  1. This was a great presentation! I strongly recommend downloading and playing with the sample code.