Monday, October 20, 2008

Code Smell Riddle #20

q. I'm not fond of your scavenger games;
I like my things to be easily found.
So please move your code in such a way,
That change doesn't require a look around!

a. Divergent Chang

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~/riddle by me


  1. Shotgun Surgery?

    Opposite of divergent change. Every time you make a kind of change you have to make a lot of little changes to a lot of different classes. Hard to find, easy to miss an important change.

    * Use Move Method and Move Field to put all the change sites into one class. If a good place to put them does not exist, create one.
    * Use Inline Class to bring a bunch of behavior together. You will get a small amount of divergent change.
    * Divergent change or shotgun surgery, you want a 1 to 1 link between common changes and classes.

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