Monday, March 25, 2013

Angry Birds of JavaScript Series


A diabolical herd of pigs stole all of the front-end architecture from an innocent flock of birds and now they want it back! A team of special agent hero birds will attack those despicable pigs until they recover what is rightfully theirs, front-end JavaScript architecture!

Meet the Special Agent Hero Birds

Over the course of the next several weeks you'll be introduced to the following team of super hero birds...

Red Bird

The Red bird attacks with the force of their trusty IIFE, the basic block of all privacy.

Status: Published

Blue Bird

The Blue Bird triggers events and messages that scatter to infiltrate the pig's castle.

Status: Published

Yellow Bird

The Yellow Bird comes with a RequireJS speed booster and dynamically injects scripts against those pesky swine.

Status: Published

Black Bird

The Black Bird proves to be a much more organized approach to fighting these porkers and introduces the Backbone.js bomb to their dismay.

Status: Published

White Bird

The White Bird appears to be seemingly harmless, but when it pulls out it's strict coding style and bursts of quality checks the hogs are sure to squeal.

Status: Published

Green Bird

The Green Bird can reach all of those hard to reach places and will mock and spy those stealing swine right where it hurts!

Status: Published

Orange Bird

The Orange Bird starts out small with a simple template, but then expands itself into a DOM blast that will surely send the message that the birds mean business.

Status: Published

Big Brother

The Big Brother pulls out the big guns with his finite state machine and other proven design patterns of destruction.

Status: Published

Mighty Eagle

The Mightly Eagle uses the most superior weapon of them all, a suite of tools that can organize and deploy all the other birds into battle against their soon to be vanquished foe.

Status: Published

Images provided via Angry Birds Wiki


The above series will be presented at the upcoming <anglebrackets /> and FluentConf conferences and possibly others. I hope you enjoy the series. I am having fun putting it together and I look forward to giving it in front of an audience ;)

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