Sunday, October 17, 2010

jQuery UI Introduction Slides

Yesterday I presented at the jQuery Boston Conference 2010. I’ve never attended a jQuery Conference before, so this was an awesome experience all around.
Each year, there is a jQuery UI Introduction talk and this year I was privileged to present the material.
  • Slides – The web presentation is best viewed with Google Chrome
In order to spice up the content some, I included some bacon demos using the draggable, droppable, and resize interactions. I hope to add more bacon slides in the near future ;)

If you were able to attend my talk, I would appreciate it if you could rate my presentation at SpeakerRate.

My slides are based on the Ruby Slide Show Gem tool and uses a modified version of the HTML5 Rocks template that was used to generate the HTML5 Rocks Presentation.

I use embedded jsFiddle in my examples to view and execute all of my code example. You can launch the full jsFiddle from within the slides to view, edit, run, and share the code.

I want to thank the jQuery Team for allowing me to speak this year and a special shout out to Leah Silber, Ralph Whitbeck, and the others that put tons of hours into putting this event together.

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