Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stepping Down from The Official jQuery Podcast

ps.nrdkgcvf.170x170-75 In case you haven’t heard from the end of the Rey Bomb #2 Episode of The Official jQuery Podcast, I announced that after 21 episodes I am stepping down as my role of co-host.

Around the time I first joined the podcast I also started to become involved with some intense writing projects (as will become apparent in the near future), although I can’t say much about it right now :)

As a result, I haven’t had much margin in my life. I’ve been running on empty for quite some time and other more important things in my life have gotten the shaft! Unfortunately, one of those was my family and I intend to change that.

I don’t plan to fall off the face of the earth. I plan to refocus on blogging and tweeting. I would like to do some more speaking, but probably not for the rest of the year as baby #3 is coming in August.

I am honored to have been asked to join The Official jQuery Podcast and during my involvement I got to meet many great people that I hadn’t previously known. I am glad to have formed these relationships, and look forward to further investing in them.

I hope the future of The Official jQuery Podcast is bright and I encourage you to either start or continue to listen.

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