Friday, June 23, 2006

VS.NET 2005 Spell Checker Addin

My boss found a misspelling on our website yesterday.

So, I thought I'd look around for a Visual Studio.NET 2005 spell checker addin.

I found the following tools... Spell Checker for VS.NET 2005 Version 1.0 Add-in by Dean J. Giovanelli and Spell Checker for HTML and ASP.NET pages by Mikhail Arkhipov

The tools have a lot of settings so they don't spell check things you aren't concerned about.

Using one of the above tools I was able to find the spelling mistake and correct it. I hope you find the above tools useful as well.


  1. @migueldesousa8:41 AM

    well if i didn't like girls so much i would marry you!!! thanx "your tha shi'|'"

  2. @miguedesousa8:41 AM

    well lol it wasnt really here i wanted to post... anyway good work