Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I work for appendTo - The jQuery Company

appendToLogoAs you may or may not seen on Twitter the last 3 weeks or so, I accepted an offer to work with appendTo, LLC - The Company Dedicated to jQuery where I will be doing JavaScript Consulting as well as other activities.

I first met the CEO (Mike Hostetler) and President (Jonathan Sharp) of appendTo back in January while I was at the launch of jQuery 1.4 in Washington DC.

After the unfortunate turn of events at my last job (raided by the FBI & IRS), I was forced to look for a new job opportunity.

One of the first places I thought of working for was appendTo. After several weeks of talks everything worked out and now I am an official employee!

Since I’ve started I’ve done some writing, did an architectural review of a client’s code, and most recently I’ve been diving deep in developing a JavaScript and jQuery library.

I am really excited about this opportunity. The group of people that I work alongside are top notch! I find it impressive that appendTo has 5 official jQuery Team members working for them.

It looks like I’ll be able to attend the Boston jQuery Conference this coming October 16-17, 2010. I hope to see you there! Sign up while tickets last.

By the way, thank all of you who sent me job leads, contacting me about working with you, or tweeted on my behalf while I was looking for a job. I appreciate all your efforts!

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