Thursday, August 28, 2008

Special Riddle #2abcd

Note: The answer to the following 4 riddles is the same.

q #2a.
In your mind’s eye envision that you see Bigfoot,
and now change his hair color from brown to red.
Sit him in front of a computer, and let him code;
Rather than Sasquatch, you described me instead!

q #2b.
I overhear your conversations,
At least the last phrase or two.
I always go with the answer...
Of the one whom is not you!

q #2c.
I'll protect you in battle,
I'm your shining armor guitar.
I'll take the heat when it's time,
I stand up for who you are.

q #2d.
I get wrapped up in a lot of meetings,
Much more than I used to back when.
They can take my time and effort,
But they can’t take the Coder within!

a. Dan Mohl

Add a comment with your guess and which of the 4 riddles you liked best!

~/riddle by me

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  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Hmm, today's riddle is a toughy! Is it a self describing riddle? Oh said Sasquatch not Hobbit :)

    ~/Red Headed Sasquatch